A189 Killingworth Road Closure

The A189 Killingworth Road in Newcastle will be closed from 20 September 2017 until Spring 2018 as part of a £13.5m investment project to widen the road and install a new Metro bridge.

For details of the works and information on diversions and mitigation measures to try and reduce the impact of this closure please click here.

A1231 Wessington Way / New Wear Bridge, Sunderland

Starting from Monday the 11th of Jan 2016 there will be lane and speed restrictions of 20mph and 30mph in places both East and Westbound between the Queen Alexandra Bridge and the Barons Quay Road roundabout.

These works will have an impact on daily commutes to and from the A19 and Sunderland City but are essential infrastructure works as part of the new Wear Bridge crossing scheme.

  • A1231 Wessington Way - down to one lane in both directions for around 12 months
  • Timber Beach Road that links the A1231 Wessington Way with the main road through Sunderland
  • Enterprise Park will close permanently from mid-February 2016
  • The roundabout connecting European Way and Pallion New Road will be restructured

A1231 Wessington Way

The main work in this area will start in January 2016 and will see part of the A1231 Wessington Way reduced to one lane in both directions for around 12 months.

The area affected runs between the Queen Alexandra Bridge junction and the roundabout that connects Wessington Way with Colima Avenue (near the footbridge and McDonalds). There will also be reduced speed limits in place throughout this time.

The works will see the Castletown roundabout on Wessington Way (beside Sainsbury's) at the junction with Timber Beach Road replaced with traffic lights. This will give direct access from the A1231 Wessington Way to the new bridge, across to Pallion and on to the city centre and the Port of Sunderland, and cater for the changes in the area as people use this junction to access the new bridge.

Timber Beach Road

The short section of Timber Beach Road that links the A1231 Wessington Way with the main road through Sunderland Enterprise Park will close permanently from mid-February 2016.

Access between Sunderland Enterprise Park and the A1231 Wessington Way will be via the two Colima Avenue routes or via the Queen Alexandra Bridge junction.

This section of road is being closed permanently to make way for a new road linking the A1231 Wessington Way directly to the new bridge, across the river to Pallion and on to the city centre and the Port of Sunderland.

The main section of Timber Beach Road that connects Hylton Park Road to Colima Avenue have occasional roadworks, but will remain open throughout 2016 and once the works are complete.

Pallion New Road and European Way

The roundabout between European Way and Pallion New Road is being replaced with traffic lights, which will speed up traffic flow in the area and give direct access from Pallion across the new bridge to the A1231 Wessington Way, and on to the A19. This work will start in the spring of 2016, and will last for around for 15 months.

Woodbine Terrace

Work is already underway in the area to widen and strengthen Woodbine Terrace in Pallion.
Timber screening has been installed on Woodbine Terrace to secure the area and enable a new boundary wall to be built on the strip of land that runs down towards the river, next to Matalan.

During these works, Woodbine Terrace is currently reduced to one lane. Priority is being given to traffic heading north, towards the river, ensuring that there is no queuing traffic back to the roundabout at the entrance to Pallion Industrial Estate.

Signs are in place to inform people that retailers on Pallion Retail Park and local businesses, such as Sunderland Wall and WH Forster Printers at Pallion Quay, are operating as usual.


A194 Leam Lane (A19 to A1300), South Tyneside

Work on the Lindisfarne and John Reid Road Roundabouts will get underway in July and is scheduled to last around 12 months. On Monday 4 July, site set-up and preparation will begin, with the roadworks starting on Monday 18 July.

What will the work involve?

  • Widening both Lindisfarne and John Reid Road roundabouts and the dual carriageway in between (Leam Lane) from two to three lanes in both directions
  • Local widening of the east bound approach to the Lindisfarne Roundabout and the approach from John Reid Road to the John Reid Road roundabout from two to three lanes
  • Carrying out highway drainage works to reduce the risk of flooding at the Lindisfarne roundabout
  • Closing the Edinburgh Road exit onto Leam Lane to all traffic, except buses. Entry will remain open to all vehicles
  • Introducing new pedestrian and cycle facilities including a new controlled crossing across Leam Lane

What will happen to reduce delays during the works?

During the works both roundabouts and Leam Lane will remain open to a minimum of two lanes during peak periods. Although this will help to reduce the likelihood of delays, we advise road users to allow extra time for journeys or plan an alternative route where possible.

Pedestrians and road users are reminded to take extra care when passing through road works.

Why is the work taking place?

The works aim to reduce journey times in and out of South Tyneside, reduce the risk of accidents and alleviate flooding.

View the current and future layouts

Current layout PDF
Current layout Video
Future layout PDF
Future layout Video


CCTV Video Wall

Still images from the regions Traffic Management CCTV cameras are now available in a “video wall” format at

The images typically update every 1 – 15 minutes and can be filtered by district. Or cameras of interest can be selected to be viewed on the “My Camera” tab or selected from a map based layer and filtered by distance from your current location or by postcode.

On both the All Camera and My Cameras view the user can select how many cameras are display at once, this defaults to 12 images per page.

On desktop machines the images will automatically refresh as soon as a new image becomes available, on mobile devices users click the refresh button to update with the latest image (this is to ensure that mobile users are in control of how much data is being downloaded).


Open Data

The Tyne & Wear UTMC officially launched it's Open Data Service at the Integrated Transport and Weather Information Pilot (ITWIP) event at Sunderland Software City on Friday 28th February 2014.

The key principle of open data is to increase transparency and the sharing of information we hold with the wider community.

Our service provides third party developers with access to a number of datasets sourced from the Tyne and Wear Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) system. Developers are then able to build useful applications using the data we have now made freely available.

Data that has been released includes travel and transport related datasets through the provision of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The initial datasets made public include:

  • Air quality data
  • Car Parks
  • CCTV
  • Journey Times
  • Traffic – Accident
  • Traffic – Event
  • Traffic – Incident
  • Traffic – Roadwork
  • Weather station data

To get more information & access please visit

The Tyne & Wear Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) & the Open Data Service is provided by Newcastle City Council on behalf of the North East Combined Authority.


Park & Ride

Across Tyne & Wear there is a variety of Car Park & Ride facilities. At these locations users can interchange with either bus, cycle, metro, rail or taxi & avoid queues within city centres or possible full central car parks.

Car Park


Post Code

Interchange with...



NE10 0NE

Bus, Cycle Parking, Metro, Rail & Taxi

Callerton Parkway


NE13 8DF

Cycle Parking & Metro

Great Park


NE13 9AA


Kingston Park



Cycle Parking & Metro

Regent Centre



Cycle Parking & Metro





Four Lane Ends

North Tyneside


Bus, Cycle Parking, Metro & Taxi

Northumberland Park

North Tyneside

NE27 0SJ

Bus, Cycle Parking & Metro


South Tyneside

NE32 4QA


East Boldon

South Tyneside

NE36 0JZ

Cycle Parking & Metro

Stadium of Light



Cycle Parking & Metro


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